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Wild Alchemy

A gorgeous range of wildcrafted anointing oils, tisanes, spray mists and vibrational elixirs, inspired by ancient yogic and preistess wisdom. This sublime array of natural and organic products is crafted in conscious accordance with seasonal and celestial rhythms so as to optimize the innate potency of the ingredients. Delicate combinations of handpicked wild flowers and herbs, sacred resins, gemstones and essential oils are specially crafted to create enchanting blends that can be used in ritual and ceremony or simply as part of your sacred self care.

Tisanes bio 12CHF
Vibrational elixirs 15CHF
Spray mists 20CHF
Anointing oils 30CHF/45CHF

On sale in class or by appointment at L'Ancienne Ferme de l'Hermitage

Blessing Circle

A Blessing Circle marks an important and potent threshold in a woman's life. We may create ritual and magic in honour of pregnancy and birth, the beginning or the end of a moon cycle, an important move or career change, or even the beginning or end of a significant relationship.

A Blessing Circle is a sacred space within which to connect to our innate radiance, strength and beauty, to honour our unique soul path and to create a resonant vibratory field of sisterhood and support. It is a truly divine way to celebrate and mark our initiatory thresholds, and a powerful way to integrate change and evolution.

Alexandra will collaborate with you to create a unique and unforgettable moment, weaving sacred movement, mudra, mantra, wildcrafted anointing oils and vibrational essences, accompanying you as you spiral into a new phase of being.