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I have had the privilege of participating in three beautiful retreats that Alexandra (co)hosted. And privilege is truly the word to describe how I feel about it. Alexandra is pure gold and I have not come across many teachers with the amount of depth, kindness, wisdom, experience, know-how and skills that she is offering.

I had practiced yoga for several years before meeting Alexandra and from the moment she started teaching, I understood that this was going to change my life. And it did, in so many ways. I had never felt this way in my body during and after a yoga class! The way she holds a group, follows the footsteps of each student and knows what each of them need is extraordinary. I have come home a different woman after each retreat. I have grown in so many ways because of how and what she teaches.

 She was the one who initiated me in plant medicine, moon medicine, intuitive healing and the sacred feminine in a way I had not yet encountered. So profoundly embodied!

Every time Alexandra is speaking, I am drinking in her words and her beautiful transmission. And I would say that she herself is the biggest transmission of her many gifts that she gives so generously. It is so obvious that there is no separation between who she is, what she believes in and practices herself and what she teaches. And that makes it so transformative to be in her presence.
— Mathilde
Alexandra has a rare gift of transmission. Though her voice is gentle and soothing, and her movements are fluid and harmonious, she has a strength and intensity that is also really inspiring. When I study with Alexandra I am reminded of my inner force and light as well and this is a true gift. I love the way she includes the moon phases and the seasons in her teachings, drawing our attention to how we are so linked to the cycles of life and nature. I feel more connected, more grounded and more attuned to life and its subtleties after studying with her and always feel a glow for several days after attending class.
— Sylvia
Alexandra accompanied my husband and I through a series of private lessons in preparation for our birth. It was a very precious time for us and we were looking for some guidance and support, Alexandra brought us just this. In both her words and her manner she helped us strengthen our bond as a couple and as two individuals about to become a family. My husband was deeply touched by the way her classes honoured the role of the male/dad and we used many of her practical excerises and words to help us through a difficult labour. It helped me as a mum know that I was enough, but to remember also that i was not alone. I would recommend inviting her into your journey, so that she can support you during this exciting and exhilarating time.
— Gilly
I had the opportunity to practice yoga with Alexandra during my second pregnancy. I looked forward to each week’s class with great anticipation because of the profound way I was able to find a deep state of peace and quiet in which I could connect deeply with my self and my growing baby. Alexandra offered varied postures and exercises as well as real practical anatomical information that allowed me to prepare the way for the birth of my baby physically, mentally and emotionally. But the most valuable aspect of my yoga classes with Alexandra was her presence of being. She fully embodied what she was teaching and every class was also a transmission of sorts—yoga in its highest form. Just being around her graceful movements, soft and nurturing voice and kind smile allowed me to find my own grace, experience my own softness and touch deeply into my center of being. It was from this place that I went on to birth my daughter at home just as I had hoped. In the calm and stillness of my deepest center I remained firmly rooted as I surrendered completely again and again to the feeling of a hurricane ripping through my body— so quick and explosive was her passage into the world. I am profoundly grateful to Alexandra for her generosity, wisdom and love that contributed to a beautiful and grace-filled pregnancy and birth. I carry these gifts with me today.
— Sheila
Walking into Alexandra’s prenatal yoga class, you know simply from the surroundings that it is going to be special moment.
Alexandra has an extraordinary ability for putting every person in the room at ease, and to address everyone’s individual needs even in a group setting. She has an undeniable knowledge of pregnancy and its physical and emotional implications on women. This helps build the foundations of a unique and important relationship with the little person inside you!
Throughout my twin pregnancy, yoga with Alexandra helped me keep physical active and mobile whilst my body felt under a huge strain. It was a precious moment in which I was able to bond with my little girls before their arrival. Furthermore, I believe that by doing Alexandra’s yoga class the recuperation period after my cesarean was much easier, which meant I was able to start enjoying time with my girls from day one!
— Teresa
I’ve just completed a prenatal yoga course with Alexandra and can’t recommend them highly enough. She’s a fantastic teacher, who tailors the classes to the needs of the participants. She has a very practical approach, combining really useful breathing techniques with moves designed to deal with the aches and pains of pregnancy as well as prepare for the prospect of childbirth. She also made me feel genuinely cared for so the classes were incredible for the soul, easing achy hips and increasing the oxygen intake.
— Emma
As a beginner to the world of yoga I was surprised at how relaxed and renewed I felt after the session. Alexandra’s method is smooth and focuses on moving in sync with your breathing while stretching and preparing your body for the changes that it will encounter during the nine months of pregnancy. I found the class easy to follow which allowed me to really focus on my movements.

I am prone to lower back pain and attended the session while suffering some quite serious pain in my lumbar region. I was amazed at how quickly I regained mobility after the session and I continue to practice the exercises at home several times a week. I have noticed an improvement in my mobility and feel much more limber. The exercises give me a sense of much needed calmness that can be so easily lost with all of the changes and doubts pregnancy can bring about.

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to meet Alexandra and take part in her workshop and I look forward to attending more of her classes. I would highly recommend Alexandra’s prenatal yoga to anyone who is looking to prepare both body and mind for pregnancy and childbirth.
— Jessica
I joined Alexandra’s prenatal yoga class during my second pregnancy. It was not my intention to use yoga as a means to prepare for natural childbirth but during the class Alexandra talked about the way a woman’s body works while labouring and that it is really built to give birth to a baby. The message seeped in little by little. There were also several women in the class who stated their intention to go for a med-free birth and I think their talk influenced me as well. I went into labour at 37 weeks, 6 days and it progressed quickly. I kept in mind what Alexandra had said about our (women’s) ability to get through it without drugs and I remained quite calm, despite the pain of the contractions. At some point, however, I caved and said I wanted an epidural. Just as the anaesthesiologist appeared, I felt the urge to push. At that split second I made the decision that I could do it without and some time later my beautiful daughter emerged at the end of an epidural-free labour. It was amazing to hold her and look at her and think, “I did it!” I was on a high for several hours after, amazed that I had done it. I really thought it would be impossible but I was wrong. And what kept me calm and convinced throughout was the preparation I had gotten during yoga, even though I had not considered it preparation as such. I’m so glad I took the class.
— Sarah
I found Alexandra’s prenatal yoga classes beneficial not only physically, but also on a more personal level. She takes a very pragmatic approach in her teaching to help effectively ease the strains and aches of pregnancy as well as preparing the mind and body for the enormous challenge of giving birth. As a complete beginner, I have also found her instruction very user-friendly and have quickly seen the rewards of her methods. Her classes also leave me with a feeling of relaxation and peace of mind, which is so important during these last few months. I will certainly be signing up for post-natal yoga next year.
— Emma
The sessions provided me with time to relax and connect with my baby, and helped me prepare my body for the birth. They were the right combination of work-out and relaxation, and I found I got my best night’s sleep after a class! During my labour I used simple breathing techniques to remain as relaxed as possible throughout, and the experience was utterly wonderful and natural, with no medication or intervention. I’m sure the regular yoga throughout my pregnancy helped me achieve this. So thank you Alexandra!”
— Anna