Full Moon Bath Ritual for pregnancy

On the night of the full moon, fill yourself a nice, deep bath. Add nurturing essential oils such as rose, lavender, geranium and sweet orange. You could even add a handful of rose petals for a real goddess touch! Turn off the lights, if you do not have direct moonlight light several candles. Bask in the enveloping warmth and scents. Just as your baby is protected by the waters of the womb, allow yourself to drop into a place of release and surrender. Feel your entire body softening, even melting, becoming one with the water. Imagine the entire bath filling with the radiance of the full moon, an envelopping and nurturing embrace.

Tree Ritual for pregnancy

Labyrinthine-Springby Stephanie Law

Labyrinthine-Springby Stephanie Law

Sit on the earth with your back to a tree and call in the energy, wisdom and stability of the tree. Absorb its ancient intelligence into your womb and heart via the back surface of your body. Imagine your pelvis penetrating the earth just like the roots of the tree. Imagine the liquid sap of the tree penetrating your skin and becoming one with the fluids of your own body. Feel your neck and skull gently lengthening upwards like the gracious branches of the tree. Allow the gently pulsating energy of the tree to nourish your body. Grounded and gracious, feel at one with Nature, a subtle yet indomitable knowing that you are One with All.

The Radiance Sutras


As the breath flows in, and as it flows out,
it travels always the curving path of the goddess.

Breath flows in and out spontaneously of its own will,
thus all breathing beings continually worship the goddess.
Be conscious of this unconscious prayer,
for she is the most holy place of pilgrimage.

The breath flows out with the sound sa,
The breath flows in with the sound ha.
Thus thousands of times a day,
Everyone who breathes is adoring the goddess.

Know this, and be in great joy.
Listen to the ongoing prayer that is breath.
Life shall dance in you
a dance of ever-renewing delight.

Vijñānabhairava Tantra Conclusion.