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Ritual Kits

The Soma Yoga and Ten Moon Ritual Kits are the synthesis of the last decade of research, experimentation and insight into the practice of Yoga and the magic of ritual and sacred self care for women.

Drawing inspiration from the Moon and her cycles, each kit is conceived of as an accompaniment, a presence, a reminder of the sacredness of life, of the importance of being in sync with nature, and of the utmost necessity of creating space to take care of oneself.

Crafted with love and reverence, the Soma Yoga and Ten Moon Ritual Kits are imbued with soul and hold the long-lasting intention of creating a sustainable personal practice of self-love and appreciation as we cycle through the different stages of life.

Soma Yoga Ritual Kit

Lunar Inspired Yoga and Sacred Self Care for Women

A lunar inspired set of ten cards and wildcrafted alchemy that invites you to get in sync with the cycle of the Moon and adapt your yoga practice and self-care rituals accordingly.

Each card is inspired by a phase of the Moon and features a specially conceived constellation of practices including a base posture, a mudra, a restorative posture and a pranayamic visualisation called Somadhara. Each constellation allows you to tap into the unique frequency that this particular moon-phase offers. Through a deepening and expansive connection to the different phases of the Moon, we become attuned to the ageless wisdom and regenerative capacities of the Moon and her cycle.

Your kit also includes a bespoke porcelaine and silver chalice, and a wildcrafted Soma ElixirSoma Tisane and Soma Oil that you may use at any time, though the New Moon, Full Moon and Dark Moon are particularly potent portals. Simple self-care rituals have also been included that will allow you to drop into your innate feminine and cosmic essence as you align your self-care practices with the cycle of the Moon.

On sale in class, by appointment at L'Ancienne Ferme de l'Hermitage or via PayPal

Ten Moon Ritual Kit

Lunar Inspired Yoga and Sacred Self Care for Pregnancy and Birth

This beautiful kit will accompany you throughout one of the most important journeys of your life as a woman, that of pregnancy and birth. The ten moons that mark the conception, gestation and birth of your baby will become sacred marker points for a deep soul dive into yoga asana, mudra and pranayama, as well as moments of sacred self-care.

As your baby evolves in your womb a whole new universe opens up both within your body and your consciousness. In this way, motherhood is a veritable initiation into new realms. Your kit will support and guide you on this alchemical journey, as you cultivate sacred space both within and without. From a place of greater awareness and deep embodiment you will be able to experience the grace and wonder of this immense transformation with growing confidence and empowerment. 

The Ten Moon Ritual Kit contains ten beautiful cards, a wildcrafted massage oil, a flower and gem essence, three different herbal tisanes and a beautiful bespoke gold and porcelain chalice. Made with love and infused with magic.

On sale in class, by appointment at L'Ancienne Ferme de l'Hermitage or via PayPal