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The Yoga of Sensuality - Sacred Self Care for Women

A provocative one day retreat into sensuality as a vital aspect of self care. Based on the transformative Sanctuary Self Care Retreats created by Alexandra Macdonald and Sheila Chacko, this ‘’Urban Sanctuary’’  will give you an opportunity to explore and understand your sensuality as the basis and nexus of your health and wellbeing, as well as the source of your creativity and self-actualization.

The transmission and practices employed during this workshop will be informed by yogic teachings and meditative awareness, embodiment practices, shadow work, inquiry and sharing, and education about the female body and the cultural context of being a woman in today’s world.

This unique immersion will be an informative and transformational journey into a rich and deeply empowering subject; that of embodied sensuality as being absolutely fundamental to the thriving of women in all areas of their lives.

This one day retreat will include yoga asana and movement practices, journaling and inquiring, theoretical teachings, seated meditations, group sharings, and more…

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a journal, a pen, water bottle, personal yoga mat (if you prefer, mats are also available at the studio) and a shawl to cover yourself.

Why you should attend?

• You would like to take better care of yourself on all levels- physically, emotionally and spiritually
• You would like to release blockages to your creativity
• You feel that your energy levels are often low
• You don’t prioritize time and space to care for yourself
• You would like to cultivate inner radiance and vital energy
• You would like to be more authentic in relationship to self and others
• You don’t give yourself permission to feel and/or express your sensuality
• You are curious about what sensuality has to do with self care
• You love yoga and want to explore what yoga and meditation have to do with sensuality
• You would like to develop a more healthy and informed relationship to your body and your menstrual cycle
• Your intuition to join is sparked for no good rational reason!

Sunday October 13th 2019
9h -17h30

Gobinde Studio, Kernstrasse 25, 8004 Zürich


E-flyer with more images and details:

Soma Yoga and the Solar Portals

Soma Yoga is a graceful weaving of yoga asana, pranayama, mudra and visualization, inspired by what yogic mystics refer to as ‘The Elixir of Life’. It is a nourishing and harmonizing practice that is deeply healing for the endocrine and nervous systems and leaves one feeling balanced, rejuvenated and glowing.

Derived from the root « su » in Sanskrit, meaning to « energize, stimulate, expand and grow », Soma is conceived of as a downward flow of grace, wisdom and healing affiliated with moonlight and water. It is an alchemical force that combines with « Agni », or fire, to create dynamic balance and inner radiance.

For these special ateliers, held on important Solar Portals in the Wheel of the Year, I will be invoking both the moonlight of Soma and the sunlight of Agni, crafting beautifully balanced practises in accordance with the energies of the season.

My wish is that this will allow you to transition with greater ease, fluidity and consciousness through each changing cycle, cultivating deep and sustainable health and wellbeing on every level - body, heart and soul.

Each atelier will conclude with a specially crafted tisane appropriate to the season, made with love from wildcrafted herbs and flowers.

Please bring a light shawl for the final relaxation.

Solar Portal  V - 'Mabon' - The Autumn Equinox
Awakening and Surrender - The Delicate Balance of Light and Dark
Saturday 21st September
10h - 12h

Solar Portal VI - 'Samhain' - The Thinning of the Veils
Transparency and Communion - The Seen and Unseen
Saturday 2nd November
10h - 12h

l’Ancienne Ferme de l’Hermitage
Route du Signal 2, 1018 Lausanne

50 CHF per atelier

Prenatal Yoga

During pregnancy, immense transformations take place on every level of your being. Not only is your physical body changing rapidly, but your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are also shifting and recalibrating with the presence of the baby in your womb. Through the practise of Prenatal Yoga you can attend to all these levels of being, finding true support for the duration of your pregnancy and thus laying the ground for a positive and empowering birth experience and a healthy and harmonious initiation into motherhood.

These ateliers offer a uniquely nurturing atmosphere in which you are welcomed with warmth and respect. They offer a haven, a sacred space where you can leave your worries and preoccupations at the door and spend a precious few hours connecting with your body and your baby. This is essential, not self-indulgent work. The more you are at ease in your body and at peace in your mind, the better the chances of having a natural birth.

Though alignment is indeed important, the focus in these ateliers is not purely on the outward form of the posture but rather on opening up the spaces within your body; animating, illuminating and expanding the inner contours and forms. The invitation here is to refine your ability to listen to your body, instincts and intuitions, to notice your sensations and inner states without the filter of fear, resistance or imposition.

Postures and exercises that cultivate receptivity and suppleness are seamlessly interwoven with those that encourage strength, conviction and determination. Prenatal Yoga embraces the idea that ‘everything is possible’, making this poetic blend of qualities a fascinating terrain of sensation and experience, a vast palette of possibilities for you to embody.

A specially crafted tisane, made with love from wildcrafted herbs and flowers, will be served during the pause. Please bring a light shawl for the relaxation.

Saturdays 9h-12h
October 5th
November 9th

l’Ancienne Ferme de l’Hermitage
Route du Signal 2, 1018 Lausanne

80 CHF per atelier

The Crystal Portals

The Crystal Portals is a unique atelier co-created by Alexandra Macdonald and Joyah Castaneda-Stajic that alchemises movement, meditation & sound. It is shaped as a journey that activates and connects the three main portals of our body, starting at the Sacral & Base chakras, the Heart chakra, and the Third Eye chakra.

The chakras, also known as energy centers, operate in our etheric body and are directly connected with our endocrine system. When our chakras are functioning well, the energy flows freely into our glands, our hormones are balanced and our body is healthy. These chakras also act as portals into the subtle realms, they are secret doors that lead to an expanded experience of reality, a different state of consciousness.

Alexandra and Joyah will guide you into this experience using the arts of Yoga, mudra, breath, voice, alchemy crystal bowls, and mineral elixir crafting.

The program:

Anchoring to Sacred Ground
Connecting to the sacral and base chakras

Opening the Heart Gate
Connecting to the heart chakra

Accessing the Inner Vision
Connecting to the third eye chakra

~ An introduction to the themes seen through the lens of yogic philosophy and the chakra system, Traditional Chinese Medicine and energetic healing.

~ A series of simple yet potent movement and breathing practises, plus the transmission of selected mudras (sacred hand gestures) that tonify and balance the energy of the zones appropriate to the theme.

~ A guided meditation to transition from the physical body to the more subtle bodies, bringing light, awareness and consciousness into the portal.

~ A relaxing and recalibrating crystal bowl sound bath, deeply purifying any residual tensions or blockages from the physical and subtle bodies.

~ The creation of a bespoke crystal elixir, made from specially chosen gems. The elixir will be charged with your intention and the frequencies of the crystal bowls and you will be able to take it home with you.

~ The atelier will finish with a specially crafted tisane made with love from wildcrafted herbs and flowers.

Sunday 10th November

Hatha Yoga Atelier
24 rue Goetz-Monin
1205 Geneva


This atelier will be given in English

Sanctuary Winter Immersion - Intuitive Self Care for Women

December 5th to 8th 2019

Immerse yourself for 3 nights/4 days in the pristine Swiss Alps, surrounded by snowy peaks, vast starry skies and all pervading calm.

Winter is naturally a season for turning inwards and taking deep, sustained rest. How do we do this nowadays when everything seems to be accelerating and intensifying, especially at this time of year? This retreat will be a sacred pause during which we will attune to the darkness and stillness of Winter, honor our need for sacred silence, deep embodied movement, and take the time and space to empty out and rest.

Within the darkness of Winter we will be cultivating our inner light so that we can hold a sacred flame to the preciousness of this time of year. We will learn how to listen deep within and respond to our needs, and in turn the needs of others, with authenticity and embodied wisdom.

Hotel Balance, Les Granges, Switzerland

E-flyer with all the practical information:

Private Classes

Yoga has peaked in notoriety in recent years, most likely as an antedote to the rapid freneticism of modern life. Encompassing physical postures, breathing techniques, contemplation and meditation, Yoga offers a palette of practises that are designed to bring you back in contact with the reality of who you really are, beneath the agendas and to-do lists of our fast-paced and busy world; indeed, at it's most essential, Yoga brings us back into alignment with our essence, or our soul.

In Yoga the body is considered to be the vehicle of the soul and thus, it is of vital importance to take care of it with appropriate reverence and respect. By learning to find a dynamic and evolutive balance between suppleness and strength, we allow our vital energy to flow and circulate in an unimpeded manner. By learning to how to consciously deepen, lengthen, refine and optimise our breath we create greater equilibrium within.

Overtime we practise and refine our postures and breathing so as to cultivate a bio-dynamic harmony and resilience, a capacity to listen to and adapt accordingly to the signals that our body is giving us. This may sound very simple and even obvious, yet we are moving, ever more increasingly, to an alarming rate of stress induced conditions that are based on our tendency to override the messages of our body and to push, coerce or simply ignore what it is saying. The practise of Yoga can shed light on our tendencies, allowing us to reconsider them and cultivate new, healthier ones.

Through tailor-made practises I hone in on what you need to harmonise and optimise your wellbeing on every level. Whilst there is a firm accent on alignment and tonicity, there is also space and time given for restoration, recalibration and deep relaxation. My intention is to create a sustainable practise that allows you to transition with greater ease, fluidity and consciousness through the different chapters of your life, cultivating long-lasting health and wellbeing of the body, mind and soul.

l’Ancienne Ferme de l’Hermitage
Route du Signal 2, 1018 Lausanne