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Autumn has arrived, and with it harvest season, a time when we are invited to turn gently inward and offer gratitude for the abundance and generosity of Summer. As the light shifts and rose-gold hues tint the sky, the leaves change colour, fall and honour the earth with a tapestry of amber, red and gold. In traditional Chinese medicine this is the season of Metal, the most noble of metals being Gold. Enveloped by the golden hues of Autumn, how can we pan for the precious glints of wisdom and insight that this season holds, moving graciously from the radiant expansion of Summer into the gradually descending energies of Fall?

Giving thanks for things great and small, attuning to the cycle of light and dark and getting ample rest and sleep, nourishing our bodies with cooked, seasonal produce, and creating space for contemplation and evaluation are all apt activities at this time.

I look forward to sharing this sacred season with you, which is a magical and potent time for me personally; a time to bask in the golden cycling and release what is encumbering. A time to make fires and burn away the dross. A time to attune to the night sky and appreciate the vastitude…

Saprema & Autumn Blessings,


Sanctuary - intuitive self care for women

November 29th to December 2nd 2018

Deep within there is a wisdom and a knowing far beyond that which you could ever imagine.

It has to be felt, touched, trusted...

It has to be nurtured, nourished, witnessed...

This Winter we are going there.

Are you coming?


Hotel Balance, Les Granges, Switzerland

E-flyer with all the practical details:

Soul Nectar - self nurturing and sisterhood retreat

December 21st to 23rd 2018

Nourish the nectar of your soul and join us for a stunning weekend retreat in boutique accomodation on the beautiful South Coast of NSW, Australia.

Soul Nectar promises to be an intimate and powerful portal of transformation, self-nurturing and Sisterhood. Encompassing yoga, sacred self-care, ritual, relaxation and play, we will tap into the energies of the Summer Solstice and the Full Moon, weaving a beautiful balance of both Solar and Lunar practices so that you will leave feeling radiant and replenished.

Tucked away in the sanctuary of Willow Farm, we will bathe in the moonlight, bask in the radiant sun and re-attune to the rhythms of nature, reconnecting to the sacredness with.

Willow Farm, Berry, NSW Australia

E-flyer with all the practical details:

Sanctuary - sacred self care for women

May 3rd to 8th 2019

Day breaks over the Enchanted Valley. The gentle hum of your breath and the soft lilt of birdcall are the only sounds, yet something magical, something potent, is stirring.

This is your day. Your gift.

This is your Sanctuary.

Are you ready?

Eremito eco-hotel, Umbria, Italy

E-flyer with all the practical details:

Shadow Yoga

Shadow Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga co-founded by Shandor Remete and Emma Balnaves. The practice of Shadow Yoga serves to dissolve the accumulated layers of tension and obstruction in the folds and tissues of the body that are referred to as 'frozen shadows' in ancient Hatha Yoga texts, in particular ‘Shiva Svarodaya’. It is deeply rooted in the experiential understanding of the energetic fields of the body and the science of marma, vayu and nadi.

Shadow Yoga employs preliminary movements such as squatting, lunging and various movements of the hands and arms to 'uncover the natural patterns of motion latent in the physical form' (Shadow Yoga, Chaya Yoga by Shandor Remete). This natural and harmonious movement of the limbs allows for a coherent flow of the pranic force through the peripheral body, that will eventually feed into the central channels of the body.

The practise of Shadow Yoga cleanses the blood, builds firm and healthy bones and nourishes the marrow. The flow of breath is harnessed and refined, the agni, or inner fire, is stoked, and the latent power within the individual is gradually revealed.

Through steady and unimposed application one builds a firm and harmonious foundation from which an intuitive intelligence will gradually emerge, leading eventually to a steadiness of mind and being that is rooted in an ever-growing discernment of what is the Soul and what is not the Soul, which is essentially at the heart of Yoga.

Classes will initially be given on an individual basis

Group clases will begin in Spring 2019

l’Ancienne Ferme de l’Hermitage
Route du Signal 2, 1018 Lausann,

Soma Yoga

Soma is a Sanskrit term that derives from the root su, meaning to “energize, stimulate, swell, expand and grow". The yogic mystics refer to Soma as the 'Elixir of Life' and consider it to be a downward flow of Feminine Grace affiliated with the Moon and the element of water. Soma is of great interest to women as its rejuvenating, nourishing and lubricative nature is incomparably healing and balancing to the endocrine and nervous systems.

Soma Yoga is a deep dive into the inherent power and wisdom of the female body. It is a nurturing, nourishing and deeply respectful practice that offers women a sacred space within which to connect with their bodies through a graceful weaving of yoga asana, pranayama, mudra and visualization.

In the spirit of radical self-care, Soma Yoga invites us to reclaim and recode the body as a sacred gift. By opening ourselves up to the inherent power and beauty that we hold within we release shame and fear and step into deep trust and freedom of expression.  As we learn how to truly listen and respond accordingly to the signs and messages that our body gives, we begin to see that our power really does lie within. We will learn how to honor and optimize our cycles and rhythms and reclaim our innate radiance and strength by cultivating embodied wisdom. 

Soma Yoga is a gift for all women who feel a call to tap into their inherent source of creativity, inspiration and empowerment. 

A specially crafted tisane, made with love from wildcrafted herbs and flowers, will be served during the pause. Please bring a light shawl for the relaxation.

Saturdays 9h - 12h
17th November 2018
2nd February 2019
2nd March 2019
6th April 2019

l’Ancienne Ferme de l’Hermitage
Route du Signal 2, 1018 Lausanne

80 CHF per atelier

Ten Moon Yoga

During the Ten Moons of pregnancy, immense transformations take place on every level of your being. Not only is your physical body changing rapidly, but your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are also shifting and recalibrating with the presence of the baby in your womb. Through the practise of Ten Moon Yoga you can attend to all these levels of being, finding true support for the duration of your pregnancy and thus laying the ground for a positive and empowering birth experience and a healthy and harmonious initiation into motherhood.

These ateliers offer a uniquely nurturing atmosphere in which you are welcomed with warmth and respect. They offer a haven, a sacred space where you can leave your worries and preoccupations at the door and spend a precious few hours connecting with your body and your baby. This is essential, not self-indulgent work. The more you are at ease in your body and at peace in your mind, the better the chances of having a natural birth.

Though alignment is indeed important, the focus in these ateliers is not purely on the outward form of the posture but rather on opening up the spaces within your body; animating, illuminating and expanding the inner contours and forms. The invitation here is to refine your ability to listen to your body, instincts and intuitions, to notice your sensations and inner states without the filter of fear, resistance or imposition.

Postures and exercises that cultivate receptivity and suppleness are seamlessly interwoven with those that encourage strength, conviction and determination. Ten Moon Yoga embraces the idea that ‘everything is possible’, making this poetic blend of qualities a fascinating terrain of sensation and experience, a vast palette of possibilities for you to embody.

A specially crafted tisane, made with love from wildcrafted herbs and flowers, will be served during the pause. Please bring a light shawl for the relaxation.

Saturdays 9h - 12h
13 th October 2018
24th November 2018
19th January 2019
16th February 2019
16th March 2019

l’Ancienne Ferme de l’Hermitage
Route du Signal 2, 1018 Lausanne

80 CHF per atelier

The Crystal Portals

An alchemical trilogy of movement, meditation and sacred sound, co-created by Alexandra Macdonald and Joyah Castañeda-Stajic of Liquid Light Healing.

The program of each atelier:

~ An introduction to the theme of the day seen through the lens of yogic philosophy and the chakra system, Traditional Chinese Medicine and energetic healing.

~ A series of simple yet potent movement and breathing practises, plus the transmission of selected mudras (sacred hand gestures) that tonify and balance the energy of the zone appropriate to the theme.

~ A guided meditation to transition from the physical body to the more subtle bodies, bringing light, awareness and consciousness into the portal.

~ A relaxing crystal bowl sound bath, deeply purifying any residual tensions or blockages from the physical and subtle bodies, recalibrating the appropriate zone. 

~ The creation of a bespoke crystal elixir, made from specially chosen gems in alignment with the theme. The elixir will be charged with your intention, the frequencies of the crystal bowls and the energy of the full or new moon, and you will be able to take it home with you.

~ Each atelier will finish with a specially crafted tisane appropriate to the theme, made with love from wildcrafted herbs and flowers.

PORTAL I - Anchoring to Sacred Ground
Connecting to the sacral and base chakras
Sunday 20th January 2019
16h - 18h30

PORTAL II - Opening the Heart Gate
Connecting to the heart chakra
Sunday 17th February 2019
16h - 18h30

Accessing the Inner Vision
Connecting to the third eye chakra
Sunday 17th March 2019
16h - 18h30

l’Ancienne Ferme de l’Hermitage
Route du Signal 2, 1018 Lausanne

88CHF per atelier
250CHF for the trilogie

Private Classes

Through calm and perceptive guidance, private classes are aimed at pinpointing exactly what you need to enhance your wellbeing on a physical, emotional and mental level. The postures and breathing techniques cultivate suppleness and strength, alleviate tension and stress and encourage balance and awareness. The moments of relaxation offer a precious opportunity to fully recharge.

l’Ancienne Ferme de l’Hermitage
Route du Signal 2, 1018 Lausanne